Style Uniform proudly curates uniforms for a plethora of professional industries. We also create specific custom uniform pieces for our clients. One such piece of clothing that is a hot favourite of our customers is our aprons. Our apron designs are absolutely bespoke. Our designers and tailors work their talents around your needs to give you that perfect piece of clothing that fits your vision.

Apron is one such piece of uniform that has its benefits for employees across different professions creating the right image for your establishment bringing functionality and fashion in one garment. Aprons can be donned by hospitality staffs like in spas and salons. In restaurants, aprons are worn by chefs, kitchen staffs and waiters.

However, the piece of clothing might be similar but the purpose in each case is very different. We make it a point to keep in mind that our apron designs are purpose-made, and that they should not come in the way of the employee and their performance capability. For this purpose, we have a huge selection of fabric, leather and PU leather so that the client can choose the material according to their need. No two kinds of aprons should be similar, for instance, the chef’s apron will be of different design and fabric than the aprons of other kitchen staff and members of the restaurant.

Similarly aprons for spas and salons will not be the same. Therefore, our shelves are stocked with fabrics that are available in a range of colours and colour schemes, from basics to bright and fun colours. You never have to compromise on the aesthetic of your company. Leather aprons are fortes on part of our designers and tailors. Leather aprons give a clean, suave yet professional look to your staff. We also offer services to manufacture leather aprons that are customisable by our clients.

apron uniform

Our designers consult you before they start with the designing. You can be assured of transparency and maximum client association from us. Style Uniform provides special consultation for logo designing. It might seem like a small process but it is extremely intricate and great amount of attention to detail is required. Our tailors use the latest technology to give shape to your vision with the help of the designs. We have ventured across Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to manufacture premium quality uniforms. With our efficiency, work ethics and aim for customer satisfaction, we are set in the path to take over the industry in all of GCC.

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