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Style Uniform proudly presents a catalogue of spa and salon uniforms for our clients. Spa and Salons are reminiscent of cleanliness and when it comes to the staff , they are representing the exact sentiment to your clients. They’ve got to look presentable, hygienic and welcoming to the customer.  Especially in an industry where cosmetic and feel-good is a prime factor in the running, having a group of employees who are dressed in a fashion that is aesthetically pleasing becomes a priority. Worry no more because Style Uniform is here to dress up your staff in prim and proper spa and salon uniforms. We have worked in this industry over the years and gathered insight into what our clients owning spa and salon chains want.

We can design and manufacture a range of clothing items in the category of spa and salon uniforms. Skirts, tops, tunics, scrubs, overalls, aprons and other custom pieces of clothing can be designed and executed as per the needs and suggestions of the client. We also offer supreme quality of clothing fabric to tailor your uniforms from. For colour schemes, we have basics like black, white and beige, we also have brighter colours and pastel shades. You can choose the palette that suits the aesthetic of your salon. Our designing is complemented by our top-notch tailoring. Not only our tailors are meticulous and skilled, their expertise is also channelled in the right direction by technologically advanced equipment. Therefore, our team can take on orders of any size at any time and deliver each and every piece of clothing with equal precision and finesse.

When you team up with Style Uniform, you can expect maximum transparency. We aim at achieving the complete trust and satisfaction of our customers. When designing uniforms for spas and salons, we include as much feedback and recommendations by our clients as possible. With our dedication and diligence we are sure to make an impact and increase our reach over all the countries in the GCC.

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