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Style Uniform, established it’s presence in 2010 as a manufacturer of  top quality uniforms for businesses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across UAE. Here at Style Uniform, we take pride in producing quality uniforms with our team of designers, tailors and manufacturing connects across the globe. Our mission is to be the best uniform company in UAE and we have achieved exponential growth over the last few years working with some of the biggest brands across various sectors.

Style Uniform has become a prominent name in the scenario of uniform curating and supplying. Over the span of five years that we have entered the business of manufacturing uniforms we have incorporated client feedbacks to our work, trained our team to suit their areas of expertise around the needs of the client, generated a happy and loyal clientele to grow at a steady pace and achieve connections with brands all over the world. Our work is dominantly spread in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and across GCC.

The proficiency of our talented team of tailors and designers complemented with latest technology and equipment makes us one of the most competent uniform suppliers in the business. We design uniforms for corporate sectors and institutions, ranging from uniforms for hospitality staff, spas and salons staff, healthcare service providers to designated aprons for multiple purposes and uniforms for school children.

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Our uniforms are purpose-made as our priorities lie in catering to the needs of our client and the type of institution or sector for which we are curating the uniforms. Moreover, we understand that every sector and institution has their own sense of style and aesthetics which is unique to them, and we constantly aim at capturing this essence while tailoring the uniforms. The colour schemes and logos are designed in close consideration of the clients’ inputs. Precision in tailoring is one of our strongest suits. The measurements, cuts and stitches are carefully crafted and accurate. Be rest assured that your team will be dressed up looking sharp, spick and span in attires designed by our uniform company.

With the help of our extremely talented team of tailors designers, trusted uniform fabric suppliers and the support of loyal customers we are aiming at being the leading uniform company in the Middle East.

Our diligence, enthusiasm, and strong dedication towards generating only the best quality uniforms for over a decade have set us on a track of substantial growth so as to become one of the most competent uniform supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over the Middle East. No two institutions from different fields will have similar fabrication or designing brought forth from our hands. We work with top-notch quality of fabrics to ensure that the clothing does not hinder the physical performance of the professionals wearing it. Therefore, the fabric coming from Style Uniform fabric suppliers is most certainly wearable and breathable. At Style Uniform, quality meets comfort and blends seamlessly at the hands of our experts.


We have a varity of ways you can make a lasting impression of your company with your coporate image.