5 In-Trend Restaurant Uniform Ideas

If you are the owner of a chain of restaurants, or small takeaway place or even a cute café, you should understand the importance of your staff following a dress code while on duty. Uniforms make your employees look sharp, they give your staff a professional look and impart a very good impression on the customers. Needless to say, then, uniforms are an integral part of restaurant business, and every owner should be well-versed with the trends of the same. Let us break down the five in-trend restaurant uniform ideas that will set your employees apart from everyone else.

Mixing Textures

Mixing textures of fabric to make uniforms give them a different dimension and character altogether. Fabrics that are used to make uniforms should be comfortable, and safe in terms of keeping fire hazards and other risks at bay. For instance, cotton shirts, linen trousers and skirts make for great comfort wear. However, they look very plain and lack the wow factor. For this reason, layering these basics up with a textured apron, or a coat for winters, adds more character to the uniform. You could also add textured ties or scarves to an otherwise plain uniform to give it a twist. This is how mixing textures work, and they make your employees look stylish.

Fun Accessories

Accessorising is a huge trend in the fashion world, and uniforms are no exception. Accessorising can add so much more to the uniform, and make it fun and stylish. If your team looks fun, they will feel fun and be able to work confidently. If you are going for pastel shades for the overall uniform, then a fun pop of colour or print for the tie, hat or aprons would look gorgeous. Scarves and belts are also good accessories when it comes to changing the equation of an outfit. The key is to not overdo with the accessories, just one or two statement pieces in the uniform would elevate the look.

Outside the Box Colour Choices

Black is a favourite colour amongst restaurant owners and there are reasons for it. Black minimizes stains and blends with any kind of restaurant décor. But things are changing now with the advent of themed-restaurants and cafes. They often match the uniforms with the brands’ and décor’s colour scheme. Shades ranging from pastels to neon are incorporated in the uniforms. However, if you are unsure of taking such a huge leap, you could opt for different muted colours like teal, browns or earthy tones as a starting point. Developing a colour scheme is a crucial part of any uniform designing.

Eye-Catching Logos

Branding and marketing are a big part of uniforms. Your staff is your first phase of branding and marketing when it comes to sporting a uniform. Placement and design of logos, therefore, become a matter of great importance. You want to design your logo in a manner that attracts the customer, as well as blends with the attire. Light colours for the logo on a dark uniform, and vice versa works wonders to bring out the logo. Demand for extra sessions with your uniform designer to decide upon what frames your brand the best in a uniform.

Slip Resistant Shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit. Your employees have busy schedules serving the customers. They are on their feet all day doing their job. Shoes that are ill-fitted and not comfortable can take away from their productivity. Moreover, the hurry and hustle in the restaurant can cause accidents like tripping and falling. Invest in good quality shoes that slip-resistant and have cushioned soles. This will keep your staff’s feet happy and they will be able to deliver their best all day long.

These are our five best tips that can help your uniform game. Most importantly, you should team up with a supplier that knows the trends best, and can elevate your ideas. Communication, the right tools and experienced professionals make for a good and supportive uniform designer. At Style Uniform we incorporate all your ideas, and make it better with our professionalism. We have worked with numerous hotel chains, restaurants and corporates to gain experience and expertise in the field of uniforms. Join us, and get the trendiest uniforms curated for your restaurant.

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