5 Things to Consider When Designing a Company Uniform

You’re the owner of a company or business, and you want to revamp the style of your company’s uniform. Do not rush into the process, spend some time and effort and you’ll see how it will help improve both employee and customer satisfaction.  There are a few things that you must consider while designing company uniform.

  • Choose Fabric with Care– The first and the most crucial step in successful uniform designing is choosing the right kind of fabric. The proper style, designing, tailoring, sustainability, and even the comfort of your employees depends on the type of fabric. Also remember that different job positions entail different types of uniforms, pick the fabric accordingly. Usually going for a lightweight, breathable material which will also be durable, is the ideal options. We advise you to weigh your needs while picking the fabric.
  • Involve your Employee in the Design Process- Involving your employees in the process of designing is vital and will benefit both the designers and employees. They can provide deeper insights into what challenges they face during their jobs and how uniforms that are utility-driven can help them offer their best performance. At the end, happy employees build stronger teams and aid in the growth and advancement of your company.
  • Make sure your new company uniform reflects your brand- Translating your brand values and principles onto your uniforms is actually one of the top most reasons that companies have bespoke uniforms. Even though all your employees are donned in similar uniforms, it’s the extra edge that you add to the designing that sets you apart from other companies. Aesthetics play a great role in this respect. The colour combination on the uniforms, logos, texts are highly effective ways of reflecting your brand’s aesthetics.
  • Personalise your Uniform- Go that extra mile to fit your uniforms to your brand’s perspective. Personalising uniforms include things like custom-designing logos and curation of different styles of clothing for different positions of jobs. Setting up one-on-one meetings will keep you involved throughout the process. Logo designing, stitching and other minute inputs that you can offer aids the implementation of the best quality personalised uniforms.
  • Consider Budget- All of the above factors should be taken into account considering the budget that you have allocated for uniform designing and tailoring. However, we advise you to not be reluctant while investing in uniforms. This is a long-term investment for a collective betterment and is worth every penny.

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