5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Corporate Apparel For Your Company

Corporate apparel is extremely important in the sense that it serves multiple purposes for both your employees and your brand. Supreme quality clothing not only makes your employees feel appreciated and keep them comfortable all through the day, but also has a lasting impression on the customers. Your own employees is the first line of marketing for your company, be it a corporate or a hospitality industry. Clients and customers come in contact with the staff first before availing your products or services. Therefore, as an owner it is crucial that you focus on this aspect of your business, and oversee the whole process of uniform-making to get hold of only the best for your corporate employees.

Choose Corporate Apparel That Best Represents Your Company

Curating an apparel that speaks volumes about your company, and at the same time is a hit among your corporate employees can prove to be quite a task. First and foremost, you have to consider the aesthetic of your company. This means picking out the colours that your brand resonates most with. These colours can be colours that have been used to make the company logo or the company banners and other marketing and advertising accessories. Usually, uniforms have a combination of two colours that contrast and complement each other. If you are just starting out your uniform curation journey, then you can pick the dominant colour from your company logo and pair it with a muted colour or white. The style of the uniform is another aspect that contributes substantially towards a great set of uniform. Since, corporate workwear is usually formal, the formal statement pieces are a great starting point. Shirts, ties, coats, and skirts can be customized to create semi-formal workwear for regular work days as well.

Choose the Perfect Logo for Your Business Apparel

Business logo cements your brand identity, value and principles to the workwear that your employees sport. If your logo design is impeccable, then your clients will remember your company and its services by spotting the logo anywhere else in the future. Great brand impact can be achieved by good logo designing. When you are in the process of your uniform designing make sure to get a session separately only for the purpose of logo designing. Choosing the right kind of colours, design, textures and stitches are the crucial points in this session. Whether you want to get your logo printed or stitched on the piece of clothing is also a major decision. We suggest stitched logos for formal and semi-formal everyday work wear. For events and occasions when your employees sport company t-shirts, printed logos on the back and front is a safe option.

Choose Comfortable Work-Wear for Your Staff

Tailor the workwear around the needs of your staff and not the other way round. Corporates usually have long working hours and demands great mental and physical strain from the employees. In this situation, wearing uncomfortable and impractical uniforms will not let them work to their fullest potential and efficiency. Comfort comes from the very first step of uniform designing, that is, the selection of fabric. Premium, high-quality fabric that are mostly cotton blend, are breathable and light-weight on the skin. Since, the silhouette of formal wear is almost never loose and relax, picking a light fabric often helps the employees stay comfortable for long hours. Shirts, trousers, and skirts if made from the perfect blend of cotton and linen, can keep your staff happy and satisfied throughout workdays. Do take their opinion while selecting fabric material. In addition, the tailoring workwear needs to be highly precise and personalized. One-size-fits-all is an obsolete concept and does not work in the uniform industry anymore. Getting everyone’s measurement right and creating uniform according to their sizes, should be a must.

Choose Safety Wear That Provides Protection for Your Staff

Although all industries do not require a separate line of apparel for safety purposes, some staff that work in industrial sites or medical sites might need extra protection. Having a range of aprons and coats that are rain, hazardous chemicals or fire resistant protects your employees from any harm. Moreover, another very important safety wear that is a part of any uniform are shoes. Including shoes that are durable and have comfortable soles can lift up the mood of your staff. Covered and comfortable shoes help them have happy feet that can bear the load of working long hours.

Customize Your Corporate Apparel with the Help of Style Uniform

If all of the above tips had your overwhelmed, then we are here for your rescue. Style Uniform understands the needs of corporate workwear and delivers custom made uniforms that will exceed your expectations. We have worked with companies from a whole gamut of industries and have tailor-made uniforms that fit the employees like a glove. Our professional designers and tailors will deliver you your dream uniforms and more, join hands with Style Uniform today!

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