One thing that nearly every business seems to need is aprons. Aprons are a great way to add style and cuts to a plain/basic outfit. It’s also a great way to get your message across to your clients, particularly if your staff is front line, such as waitresses, waiters and receptionists, chefs and bartenders.

At Style Uniforms we can manufacture aprons in all styles and colors. We can add your logo or a business message to your aprons. How about aprons that say “All Organic!” to portray your clean food/drink concept or “country stamps” that represents your international presence.The ideas are limitless, just ride with your imagination!

If you already have a logo this can be digitally printed or embroidered onto your aprons, or you can speak to our design team to help you design a logo that represents your business perfectly. We love experimenting with various fabrics and leather or suede to create unique apron designs that help set your brand apart from your competitors. Aprons can now be used to not only keep the staff clothes clean from spillage but also add a style factor to your outfits creating a distinct look for the brand.

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