Chef Uniform

The hospitality industry is one that requires a prim and proper standing staff decked up in stylish uniforms. Since almost all of the job positions entail some extent of exposure and interaction with the client, it is imperative that hospitality uniforms be curated with utmost care and consideration. If you are an owner of hotel chains, spas, resorts, or restaurants and are ordering uniforms in bulk from your supplier then you must consider a couple of things.

First and foremost, just because your order is in bulk it does not mean the quality should be hampered. Every piece should be designed and implemented with the same care and precision.

Next, it is important that you keep in mind the job profiles of your employees when you are discussing designs and tailoring with your supplier, or even selecting the fabric. Not every position requires similar physical engagement or similar working conditions. These two factors should be etched in your mind when you are consulting with your supplier. The chef’s uniform in the hospitality industry is one such area that demands a certain amount of dedication and a lot of facets to consider before they are delivered.

Chefs and restaurant staff in hotel chains work under extreme conditions of heat and pressure. The work hours are usually long and often they get the chance to interact with customers. With both these criteria in mind, it is safe to say that the chef’s uniform has to be a necessity and a fashion statement at the same time. Picking the right kind of fabric is crucial since the attire is multipurpose. The fabric should be of supreme quality and breathable.

The strenuous hours that chefs put in in the kitchen should be one of the major factors to be kept in mind while making fabric selections. You would not want to curate a uniform that comes between the job and your employee’s ability to deliver their very best. When it comes to making a style statement selecting a colour scheme and texture from a palette comes into play. Here the aesthetic of your brand can be reflected onto the uniforms. Moreover, the aspect of logo designing and stitching is also a part of translating your principles and brand value onto the chef’s uniform.

The next most important step is tailoring. Make sure that your tailor also provides you with complete transparency and walks you along with their tailoring process. To make a statement in front of clients, uniforms must be well-fitted and every little detail should be in the perfect place. Ill-fitted uniforms also tend to bring down the confidence of an employee. So make sure you associate with a supplier who takes your vision seriously.

With all these aspects factored in, it leaves no room for doubt that chef’s uniforms serve both the purpose of necessity as well as fashion. At Style Uniform we understand our clients’ needs, having worked with a whole gamut of hospitality chains. Get your dream uniform designed, tailored and delivered. Partner with Style Uniform.  

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