Chefs’ Uniforms: The Workwear Chefs Need

In the hospitality industry, almost all the employees need to sport a uniform. Ranks from the front office to the ones working hard in the kitchen, everyone should have an appropriate attire suited for the job. We are looking at Food and Beverages industry uniform with a focus on the chef’s uniforms. It is often the most neglected than any other uniforms that are donned by other restaurant employees. Chef’s uniforms are more than just boxy aprons. Let us take a look at some of things you must consider when designing and tailoring chef’s uniforms.

Why do chefs need to wear a uniform?

Every restaurant needs to follow safety and hygiene protocols and abide by policies set by the government to ensure the health of consumers. Chefs are required to wear clean clothing while preparing food for the customers. While self-employed chefs have some freedom regarding the kind of clothing they wear, they still have to maintain some decorum to run a successful restaurant business. The chef’s uniform must comply with certain guidelines and must be suitable for food preparation.

Clothing suitable for food preparation

Chefs cannot wear the kind of clothing that any other staff in the restaurant sport. The fabric must be comfortable because they have to work in high temperature conditions. The tailoring and fit of the uniforms cannot be loose, cuffs and buttons should be well-fitted and in place because they have the risk of tampering the food preparation. The clothing material should not absorb stains and must be easily washable, since spills are a very common event in the kitchen. Protective clothing which resists burns from spillage of hot food or drinks and protective shoes are a must-have to your assortment of chef’s uniforms.

Workplace guidelines about chefs’ uniforms

There are certain regulations and protocols that a chef’s uniform must follow. Like stated above, the uniforms should meet safety and hygiene guidelines. No loose fits, head and feet covered, clean clothing that is heat and spill-proof. This not only ensures the safety of the chef but also that of the customers who will be served the food prepared by chef. Although some cafes and restaurants are getting more and more relaxed with the dress codes of the chefs, there is a minimum standard of rules that are needed to be abided by.

What garments complete chefs’ uniforms?

Chefs over the course of time have been associated with their white coats and long white chef hats. However, trends are changing and restaurant chains and cafes are leaning towards chef uniforms that are more flexible to their own aesthetic. Some brands have added their own twist to the white coat by adding their brand’s colour to the collar and the cuffs, some have their logo stitched on the coat, and others have replaced the white coat with a colour that represents them the best. Nonetheless, a coat is a staple for a chef to sport. Relax-fitted trousers are paired with the chef’s coat to complete the look. These pants come with elastic fitting at the waist to provide more comfort and allow movement throughout the day. Aprons, covered shoes, and signature towels are some of the accessories that complete a chef’s on-duty look.

Essential Skull Cap

An accessory that has defined the look of chefs is the signature tall hat. It has been tailored time and again to fit brand aesthetics. From adding colours to the hat, to making it shorter and simpler, constant efforts have been made at changing the style of the hat with the trends. Recently, the hat has been replaced widely with a smaller version, a skull cap. These skull caps are either white or come in different colours, patterns and even with logos printed or stitched on them. No only do they simplify the chef’s uniform, but are also more comfortable than the elaborate hats.

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