Design Uniform

Are you looking to start a new venture? Or are you an existing business looking to open a new department or division? There could be many reasons why you need to design new uniforms for your staff. You could find that designing a uniform for your staff is something that you just don’t have the skill set for, or perhaps you have some ideas that you can’t seem to quite get down on paper?

Whatever the reason for your design problems, you will find a solution at Style Uniform. We have years of design experience and we work closely with many clients in producing uniforms their staff is proud to wear.

We would request to set up a meeting with you to understand your concept and filter through the color themes appropriate for your industry. We also try and distinguish between the various roles and positions that will be fulfilled by your staff so we can segregate designs and ideas based on your institutions requirements.

Once we have a grasp of what you need and what you absolutely don’t want, we set off into the design phase where we conceptualize the various uniforms that would be used by men and women working in your business. We offer a minimum of two designs per designation along with fabric options and colors which then can be altered to client’s satisfaction.

Tshirt design

After the designs have been approved, we then create live samples so that you can see what the real uniform will look like as well as test the fabrics and fits on your employees. We like to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied before moving into production phase.

Ultimately, you pick the uniform designs but we guide you to make a uniform that not only looks good but also feels great. We want you to be proud of your staff uniform, we want you to see the professionalism in both your business and ours. Rest assured we will work hard to make sure you are satisfied, because your success and ours are correlated.