Design Uniform

Style Uniform is one of the top-tier uniform designing and uniform manufacturing companies in UAE. We have partnered with agencies and freelance designers to design and curated uniforms for a number of sectors and industries not only in UAE but Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC. Needless to say, we have a sufficient amount of experience in delivering what a client desires. Based on your budget and requirement, we can introduce you to our designers who have dedicated their prowess towards bringing out what the clients find suitable and ideal for their uniform needs.

The designers will conduct a one on one meeting to understand your requirement before actually designing the uniforms. Fabric selection which is one of the most important part of both designing and tailoring is done only after your input and choice on the same has been made. You need not worry about not getting a certain fabric or a certain colour on your desired fabric.

At Style Uniform we have a collection of best quality knit and woven fabrics that are available in a spectrum of colours. Once your fabric and colour palette selection is done, our designers with move into detail sketches of the uniform designs. With the measurements and the uniform styles finalized by the clients, the sketches of the uniform design is explained to the tailors in detail to create a live sample. Designing uniforms is a thorough and meticulous process because it will be reflected in the final product, hence, our designers do not go ahead unless we have your approval on the samples. In addition, our designing services also include logo designing for the clients.

Tshirt design

The designing of logos on fabric, their embroidery, the type of stitch and colours, although it may seem minute, it require very intricate detailing. Logos capture the essence of what the company stands for, thus, we take every feedback from the client and try to include them in the design.

Uniform designing services by Style Uniform is spread across industries like hotels, restaurants, spas and salons, corporate sectors, schools and their sub divisions. Our designers are extremely talented and experienced in this field. Our designers will make sure your ideas are brought to life and implemented through uniforms that are stylish and comfortable.