• What are workwear uniforms?

Workwear uniforms are items of clothing that are appropriate to be worn in a workplace. Some workplaces have dress codes that allow formal to semi-formal clothing as appropriate for working from the office. While other institutions, establishments and offices sometimes have a set of clothes designed and tailored for their employees to sport. These are essentially called uniforms. Uniforms are designed keeping in mind the official colour scheme of the company, they also incorporate brand values and principles that guide the company. Uniforms are usually similar for similar professional roles in a company. Workwear uniforms are a great option for boosting morale, and making your employees feel a sense of connection with the company and the other employees. Workwear uniforms make everyone feel like an equal as long as they are in the professional space. Formal pieces like shirts, jackets, coats, trousers, and skirts make for ideal workwear uniform. An ideal workwear uniform should also be one that is properly accessorised with ties, scarves, shoes, hats, aprons, or cufflinks. These are integral parts of any uniform set, given that they are both utilitarian and add more dimension to workwear uniforms. Polo t-shirts are also a viable option for workwear uniform, they can be worn for special events or even used for daily wear. Workwear uniforms can be custom-made with logos and according to the size of the employees.

  • Why is uniform beneficial for your organization?

Uniforms can prove to be very beneficial for your organization based on your company’s goals. Uniforms can make employees feel a strong sense of belonging in your company and can also foster feelings of unity, teamwork and togetherness in your employees. No matter from what gender and class they hail from, uniforms make sure everybody is treated fairly and equally in an organisation. Now the material benefits of uniforms are also plenty. Your employees are your first line of marketing. With uniforms that are designed to match the company’s colour palette, and uniforms has the logo and brand name designed on it, you can grab the attention of your customers. Across industries like corporate and hospitality, your team comes in close contact with your clientele, and you would want to make sure that they are dressed sharply and in clothes that market your brand. Having employees dressed in good quality uniforms not only make them confident, but also leaves a great impression on the clients. In addition, having the appropriate clothing for performing a particular job always enhances the performance of the employee. Uniforms, therefore, contribute to the overall brand value of your company in a number of ways.

  • Do workwear uniforms enhance company image?

Yes, a hundred percent, yes. Uniforms do enhance your company’s image in a variety of ways. Firstly, the foundation of your company, your employees feel appreciated if you go the extra mile and get uniforms designed and tailored for them. A happy group of employees will always make it a point to put forth their best performance for the cause of your company. Secondly, when your customers encounter your employees who exude confidence and kindness, a great relationship is forged between your brand and the customer. Moreover, workwear uniforms are a great way to market your brand. With the right placements of logos and mottos on T-shirts, shirts, aprons and jackets, you brand can be framed well on uniforms. Colour-coordinated and good quality uniforms when sported by your employee says a lot about your company as well. It speaks volumes on how you treat the people in your work force, and is instrumental in creating a good brand image. Taking good care in sourcing workwear uniforms for your employees can have a long-term effect on how your brand is viewed.

  • How do I find the right vendor to take care of all my uniform needs?

It is quite a task to get in touch with a vendor who understands all your uniform needs and delivers accordingly. If you are a first-timer in uniform buying, then you will have to do some research before you make the final call of placing an order. You can visit their website and check out the range of industries that they have designed uniforms for. Going through the gallery and reviews of their previous work is a must to see if their customers have been satisfied with their work. You must look for both experience expertise in the field to guarantee that the uniform that will be delivered to you will be your perfect match. Make sure your supplier gives at one session to discuss your needs and the latest uniform styles with the designer and the tailor. You must also discuss how the logo should be designed on your uniforms. Any good designer and tailor will not convince you to change your vision and go with a direction that they think is appropriate. In fact, the right designer will take your suggestions and elevate your vision in the final product. Having a lot of conversations with the supplier, and complete transparency in the process of uniform manufacturing are signs of partnering up with the right vendor. Make sure you check all these factors and never settle for less.

  • What is the best way to determine what sizes I should be ordering for my employees?

One-size-fits-all is a concept that no longer applies to uniforms. Even event uniforms like polo T-shirts come with customisable options these days. Bulk ready-to-wear uniforms are usually made of poorer quality fabric, and are not tailored to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes. If you are investing in uniforms, you must invest in something that lasts long and fit your employees like a glove. Customisable, tailor-made uniforms are provided by uniform suppliers. The best way to determine the size of all your employees is to get your uniform supplier to arrange meeting with your team where they measure everyone’s sizes. If the need be, you could get multiple sessions with your team and the supplier team so that none of the employees miss out on the fittings. These sessions can also be great for discussing what your team needs from uniforms, and you could incorporate their suggestions in the designs. If these sessions are not something that seems feasible for you, you could ask your employees to have their individual measurements ready. These measurements you can submit to the uniform designer and they will work with them to get your uniforms ready. It is best to consult with the employees regarding their measurements so that everyone’s uniform fits them properly.

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