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Banks are the ultimate corporate space, and dressing up sharply is a widely popular rule across corporate over the world. The dress code might have relaxed in all other industries on account of the pandemic. However, with the finance industry, there can’t be any excuse to dress in anything but formals. The US bank, the bastion of high finance issued a statement “changing nature of workplaces generally in favour of a more casual environment” had prompted the move to a “firm-wide flexible dress code”. “Casual dress is not appropriate every day and for every interaction and we trust you will consistently exercise good judgment in this regard.” The statement cleared any confusion that there was regarding dress code in finance, and they directly correlate the success of the industry on long-term relationships, interaction and impression. All of these are heavily dependent on the nature of attire.

Study the corporate culture

To dress up and look the part, the first criteria is to study the corporate culture. A company’s culture will be reflected in its dress code, business hours, office setup, employee benefits, treatment of clients, client satisfaction, and every other aspect of operations. As a professional you must be aware of the space that you are working in, and the people you are working with. Make acquaintances with your colleagues and know about the kind of dressing that is appropriate for meetings, client interactions or on a regular work day. This way you can decide the kind of clothing you would like to sport different events.

Follow good etiquette

Finance clothing is all about dressing appropriately and with good etiquette. Your appearance speaks a lot about you, and it is the first thing that a fellow colleague, a superior or a client would notice. Along with being polite in your manner, following courtesy and etiquette, there are uniform etiquettes that you must follow in these settings. Formal shirts, straight-legged pants, or skirts are proper clothing options for these settings. To seem more professional, accessorizing using ties, cufflinks and formal shoes add more oomph and class to the outfit. Coats and blazers are other statement pieces that can add more pizzaz and shows that you have good sense and etiquette for dressing.

Relaxed Clothing

Often formal clothing gives a very straight and boxy silhouette. But that doesn’t essentially mean that they have to be uncomfortable and suffocating. Corporate set ups, and especially the finance industry and banks require long hours of intense work. Wearing clothes that are made of high quality, breathable and light material can help you sail through your busy work schedule. Cotton shirts, and light linen trousers should be a good option. If it’s a hot day, you could skip the ties and loose the scarves, but this also needs to be done keeping in mind that the day does not call for any important event. If you need to give more character to the outfit without making it stuffy, you could opt for a light-weight waist coat. Waist coats are classy, but not as bulky as coats and jackets.

Classic & Quiet Banking

Finally, for the banker in the finance industry, it is extremely important to keep your workwear classy and quiet. No over the top colours, loud patterns or big prints. Is there no other option available than wearing the same black and white? There is! If you want to experiment with your regular black and white wardrobe, you could opt for muted tones or earthy tones. Teals, bottle green, muted violets, nude shades look great when made into trousers, skirts and jackets. These colours will add a hint of variety to your wardrobe, while also keeping is classy.

These are some of our favourite tips for our readers who are in the finance industry. Sharp and crisp dressing is an integral part of jobs in the corporate industry. It’s a formal and important business, and the first step to success is to dress and look a part of the industry. Dressing in the right clothes according to the work space can boosts confidence and productivity. Get shopping for your new formals, and step foot in the work space with confidence!

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