Five Benefits to Choose Hospitality Uniforms from Style Uniform

Hospitality industry comprises hotels, resorts, spas and restaurants-the professionals working in all these spheres are expected to work in close co-operation with the customers so as to cater to their needs and wishes. Not only it is required of industry professionals to have delightful disposition but also, how they carry themselves, present themselves and dress themselves, also count. All of this taken together, draws the attention of the customer in addition to the service provided. Therefore, hospitality uniforms must be curated with utmost perfection and care. Style Uniform has been dominating the uniform industry in UAE for quite some years now and is famous for tailor-making perfect uniforms for hospitality employees. Here are some of the reasons you should consider Style Uniform to be your designated uniform supplier.

  • Finest quality of fabrics– At Style Uniform we stock our shelves with the finest variety of fabrics for you to choose. The different kind and styles of hospitality uniforms require different material and texture of fabric. For instance, you would not want your chef and kitchen staff to wear the same material as your front office staff. The two different positions in the same industry require two very distinct kind of uniforms depending on the kind of job they are expected to perform. Therefore, choosing the uniform material and texture correctly is of top priority. With Style Uniform, you can also get suggestions from our designers about the kinds of material that would work best for your needs.
  • Brand aesthetics and colour schemes– You can choose from a whole spectrum of colours in all our fabrics. The choice of the colour palette and the combination of colours must represent your brand the best. The colours of your uniform should be in line with the colour scheme of your company logo so as to bring out the aesthetics of it in your employees. Our fabrics are available in a myriad of colours and textures so you never have to compromise on your vision.
  • Team of Designers– The team of designers at Style Uniform are extremely talented and professional. They will whip up a plan as soon as you convey your idea. They will communicate with you in designing every little detail of the designing process. On top of that they shall guide you and provide their invaluable insights to develop on your needs and designs. 
  • Tailors and equipment– Apart from our team of designers we take pride in the professionalism of our tailors too. They will follow your plans to the last details and curate your uniforms meticulously. Chef’s hats, coats, jackets, aprons, suits and skirts- they are more than capable of tailoring every piece to perfection. Moreover, our tailors are equipped with the latest technology and are assisted with some of the finest men and women to help them implement any project, big or small. You can place orders in bulk and we will still be able to deliver your uniforms in accordance with your needs and within the prescribed time limit. 
  • Transparency- One of the contributing reasons to Style Uniform’s success is our completely transparency in our interactions with our clients. Both our teams of designers and tailors keep you updated about the progress of their work and incorporate your valuable feedback to our work. We have our teams schedule plenty of meetings with the clients so that you are always on the loop. Furthermore, we have an exclusive logo designing session where you can help our designers with where and how you want your logo to be placed, its design, texture and material. Even our tailors keep you updated about their progress so you never feel left out in the journey of uniform making.

These are some of the things that we offer to create an engaging and wholesome experience for our customers as they embark upon the journey of uniform making for us. Style Uniform has generated many a happy customer by working in close co-operation with them and turning their vision into reality.  

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