Five Ways that Uniforms Impact Your Brand Image

Uniforms contribute majorly to the creation of brand image for all businesses and organisations, especially hospitality, corporate and schools. To get an edge over other brands in the field it is imperative to have ideal uniforms curated for all staffs and members across all positions. There are a number of factors that uniforms impact and these ultimately add up to create your brand image.

  • Presentation: The hospitality and corporate industry is majorly about how the staff present themselves in their dealings with the client. Hotel chains, spas, resorts and restaurants have the scope for their employees to interact with the customers. This leaves ample room for everyone to not only get exposure, but also influence the customer’s decision of coming back over and over again for services. This is, on one hand, a great tool to leave a good impression on the customers and building a loyal clientele. However, if not handled properly, this very facet of the hospitality industry can backfire on your growth. This is why it is crucial for all the staff members to be on their best dressed. From chefs, kitchen staff, service providers, managers, front office staff, and every other job position must be sharply dressed because they have the potential to interact with the customer at any given point of time. Presentation, of both the interior décor and the employees become essential in this case.
  • Representation of your brand aesthetic- The uniforms of your staff or members of your organisation are a representation of your brand’s aesthetic. The employees are divided by their job profiles and positions, and are required to sport uniforms in different style. However, your choice of colour palette and colour combination of the fabric represents your brand aesthetic overall, and is reflected on your uniform. The colour palette that you choose translate your brand’s aesthetic onto the clothes of your employees. Together with the décor and interior of your hospitality chain, the uniform’s aesthetic creates a synchronised image that catches the attention of the customers. For school uniforms, the colours of the school flag often represent a particular set of values, incorporating these colours in making of the students’ uniforms reflects on the principles on which the school has been founded. 
  • Sense of harmony- Uniforms, among other things, contribute to the obliteration of class and cultural background in the work space. There is a certain hierarchy or division of job position within the working of a company, and that is all uniforms represent. People with different job profiles wear different styles of uniforms, but they are united by similar colour palette and logos on their uniforms. Wearing the colours of a company or an institution fills the staffs and members with a sense of pride and belonging, thereby creating a sense of harmony and togetherness among them.
  • Comfort- In order to create a happy and harmonious workspace, it is important to factor in the comfort of your employees, or students in case of a school. Every position of the job within a specific industry requires different levels of mental and physical inputs. While some are more physically vigorous, others require a lot of intellectual investments. Uniforms should be tailor-made for every staff member depending on what their job entails. For instance, a kitchen staff will not be wearing the same style or material of fabric as that of the manager of the restaurant. Their job profiles are very different and need uniforms that fit their models. Comfort becomes one of the most crucial aspect of uniform making. If your employees are comfortable and happy in their attires, nothing can hinder them for going the extra mile to fulfil their responsibility. Dedicated and driven employees are the building blocks of a company, and having a dream team helps you achieve the growth that you visualised.
  • Mutual Confidence– Uniforms fill both the employer and employee with a sense of dependency and confidence in each other. This confidence is reflected in their dealing with customers. Dressing properly and sharply is a major confidence booster and creates a lasting impression on clients. If you can grasp the importance of uniforms in instilling confidence in your staff and how that in turn affects their performance, you will realise how much it contributes to the success of your brand in the long-term. 

These are some of the ways in which uniforms have the power to shape the rate and amount of success that your brand is capable of achieving. Associating with the ideal uniform supplier that understands all of the above factors and curate uniforms according to your need is the first step that you can and should take. At Style Uniform we have staff who are both experienced and are aided by the latest technology to deliver to you dream uniforms for your dream team. Join hands with us and watch your vision become reality. 

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