Four Design Tips by Top Corporate Uniform Supplier in Dubai

The corporate industry entails the employees to be especially formal, professional and obviously well-dressed. The art of dressing to impress comes as a part and parcel of any corporate jobs. However, designing and styling has been changing with time. Corporate uniforms are not as stifling and one dimensional as they used to be before. There is a fine line between donning a stylish formal and overdoing it. We are here to guide you by offering a few simple design tips for corporate uniform to help you keep it classic as well as stylish.

  • Pastel colours for sophistication and fun- Choosing uniform fabric from a pastel colour palette gives off the both professional and fun vibes. Pastel shades like peach, mint, lavender, lilac, pale blue are some of the shades that are in trend in the fashion world, and can also be incorporated in corporate uniforms. These colours are not too bright or loud and having bright colours for corporate uniform is not the most efficient branding tactic.
  • Get a logo designing session with your designer- Designing your logo is an integral part of uniform designing. You must always consult with your designer who will understand your vision and implement that onto your corporate uniforms. Choose threads and colours according to your brand’s colour palette. The shades of the threads must represent your organisation and the design should reflect your value and principles. It is a hefty task, and a meticulous one at that. We suggest you take this into account while consulting with your corporate uniform supplier in Dubai.
  • Minimalist patterns on uniforms- Minimalist patterns go a long way when it comes to corporate uniform. Patterns like stripes, dots, small geometric prints look very soothing to the eye and add to the style statement. Connecting to a corporate uniform supplier in Dubai who have the expertise and knowledge. Your designer must be able to tastefully handle prints and patterns.
  • Prioritise Comfort over Style- Yes, style statement matters, but nothing beats comfort. You must design your uniforms factoring in the comfort of your employees. You and your designer must strike the perfect balance between style and comfort. Corporate job profiles require hours of hard work, and you would not want uncomfortable uniforms to come in the way of your employee’s capability to put in their hundred percent. Make sure that the fabric is breathable and uniform is fitted well according to the measurements of each employee.

These are some of the tips from our side for you to get your dream uniforms tailored for your corporate employees. We are one of the biggest corporate uniform suppliers in Dubai, and take it from us, you need to be in touch with good designers to get all the elements balanced perfectly. At Style Uniform we always prioritise our clients’ vision and tailor our expertise according to your needs.

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