From Suits to Sweatpants during and after the pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic has turned workspaces and culture on its head. The lockdown has rendered employees to work from the convenience of their homes. This has also impacted how employees dress. They have switched from formal wear to more casual pieces and athleisure wear. Moreover, trends in shopping have also shifted with maximum people choosing to get their stuff delivered from online sites.

Apparel is becoming more casual

Employees have always been more inclined towards casual clothing because of their comfort factor. With the onset of the pandemic, when offices and workplaces shut down, the home transformed into an extension of an office. Work hours also became flexible, and office dressing protocols became ineffective. Therefore, to avail the full comfort of work from home, and to adjust to the long working hours people are choosing casual lounging clothes or athleisure. Even during online work meetings, employees put on semi-formal clothes at best.

Athleisure is also popular

A new way of life has taken over the urban space. A life that revolves around staying fit, exercising, and eating healthy. Almost every modern, working individual has made working out a part of their daily life. And athleisure is the type of clothing that caters to this lifestyle. These pieces include tights, sweats, t-shirts, joggers, biker shorts, etc., are made of breathable fabric that are sweat absorbent. Not only are the clothing pieces suitable for rigorous workouts, but also perfect for brunches, going to run errands, and even meeting friends and family. The whole shift in the way people are approaching their work-life has only cemented the popularity of athleisure. It has also taken over runways.

Shift to Digital

The safety and convenience that is provided by online shopping platforms have led the masses to flock to them and avail all the goodness. The one issue that online stores had was that the consumers couldn’t try the clothes prior to buying. Some sites have come forward with options that not only deliver clothes, but also allows customers to try them out and check if the fitting is good. They also provide altering and stitching services to take care of any sizing issue. Easy returns, refunds and exchanges are some of the perks that online shoppers enjoy the most. Shopping trends have definitely taken a turn in favor of the digital.

Sustainability is Back

There’s no planet B, and people have realized that in good time. Brands that have undertaken sustainable practices to manufacture clothes are very popular. Even consumerism trends have changed with people buying only the clothing items that they need, reusing older garments, and thrifting for second-hand clothes. Contributing to the greater good of the environment, causing lesser plastic waste, and recycling old garments are some of the practices that have been opted by companies as well as consumers.

It seems daunting to keep up with the trends especially when they are taking sharp turns in a short span of time. If you own a company, and you are feeling lost regarding how to cater to the growing needs of your employees, don’t sweat. At Style Uniform we can curate casual or semi-formal wear that are comfortable and ideal for those online team meetings. Our manufacturing processes are ethical and green, so you do not have to feel guilty while partnering with us. Highly practical design, detailed tailoring work, and safe delivery, you’ll enjoy all these perks and more with Style Uniform.

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