From high-end private clinics to general hospitals, health-care professionals need uniforms that help represent their position. Uniforms lend gravitas and authority to professionals and inform patients that the person they are working with is a trained professional. Uniforms help identify a lay man apart from staff which makes it easy to differentiate between a care giver and a care taker. We all expect medical practitioners to look confident and trustworthy and a uniform plays a huge role in communicating the same message.

Nurses and care staff too need uniforms. It is important that they wear scrubs offered by the clinic/hospital since they are bound to be dealing with all kinds of wastes/matters in their day to day professional life. Scrubs are made from certain fabrics that allow them to be cleaned easily and professionally which is an additional benefit since its extremely important to maintain hygiene levels in clinics and hospitals.

Reception staff and hospital porters also need uniforms, and often the uniforms are all themed around two or three colors at most, which then reflects the establishment at which they work. We usually use company colors to design uniforms for all categories of staff which helps create brand recognition globally. Style Uniform exports fabric in bulk quantities and have great relationships with fabric producers, who use the same dye lots for all their fabrics. This ensures that when you choose a color from our catalogue, all your uniforms will be manufactured in the same shade without deviation. Additionally, we ensure a continuous supply of the same fabric and color so as to maintain standards and quality through out your institutions as you grow. Additionally, this produces a brand color that your customers or patients will immediately recognize and relate to the quality standards that your brand reflects.

Medical uniform

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