Style Uniform offers you the best customisable uniforms at an affordable pricing. Apart from supplying uniforms to a lot of professional industries, we also dedicate our work to subdivisions of the said industries. For instance, if you own hotel chains,  restaurants or catering companies and want to order customizable chef uniforms for your kitchen staff, we deliver with proficiency. Our chef uniforms are ideal for chefs. We have worked with hotel and restaurant industries in UAE, Saudi Arabia and across the GCC. Needless to say that we have ample experience at what we venture to do.

Uniforms not only provide a dress code for the work space, but at times subtle nuances and differences between uniforms are indicators of the different jobs the employees perform within a company. The chef’s jacket is such a piece of clothing, that sets the head chef and sous chefs apart from the other kitchen staff. While there’s a lot of employees that help run the kitchen, and all jobs equally important, there needs to be a clear definition of hierarchy. The chefs are supervisors within a hotel and/or restaurant kitchens. We design and manufacture perfectly fitted chef jackets which are both comfortable, functional and stylish at the same time. Fabric selection is an integral part of making a chef’s jacket design. We provide our clients various fabrics and  colour choices to create their optimal uniforms. We have a range of woven fabric in a variety of colours so you never have to compromise on style, comfort or your vision. Style Uniform’s team of designers and tailors take your feedback and suggestions to carefully customize chef uniforms according to your needs. We are fully equipped with the latest technology to take on orders of any size and every requirement. No detailing is left out by our tailors, your ideas will be brought to life to the last stitch. We also manufacture chef hats and pants that go perfectly with the chef’s jacket and completes the whole look.

You can entrust us with providing only the best quality chef uniforms both in terms of fabric and tailoring. We will co-operate with your needs and help you achieve what you were aiming for. Moreover, we manufacture uniforms for the entire hotel and restaurant staff too. Once you partner with us, you can be rest assured, your to do list will not have “look for uniform suppliers’ tab.