If you own a hotel or a hotel chain you must be aware that in addition to providing top-notch services, execution and presentation are also crucial factors for running a successful business. When the guests walk into your hotel the first thing they notice is the staff that welcomes and ushers them in. Needless to say that they must be sharply dressed as they interact directly with the guests. Moreover, the teams that do not work in sight of the guests, need to be dressed just as sharply and stylishly because it ensures a feeling of community and harmony amongst all the professionals working in the hotel. We, at Style Uniform, aim to curate bespoke hotel uniforms that are stylish, utilitarian and evoke a feeling of togetherness among the staff.

We are one of the most competent hotel uniform suppliers spread over Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al-Khaimah and across UAE. In addition, we have also manufactured uniforms for various industries including hotel chains in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Our aim is to work with hotel chains in countries all over the Gulf Co-operation Council, for which we are striving each day with perseverance and dedication.  Style Uniform’s team has worked closely with clients to create hotel management uniforms for various purposes and divisions of hotel industry-front office, food and beverages, hospitality staff, and much more. Our professional designers have donned and decked hotel staffs in suits, chef hats, aprons, scrubs according to the needs of the client. We cover all the departments of the hotel industry and equal attention to details is put into each. At Style Uniform we never compromise with comfort in order to create something stylish. We use supreme quality fabrics which are all different from one another, keeping in mind the job of the professional wearing it. For example, the kitchen staffs’ attire will never be cut from the same cloth which is used to create the front office staffs’ suits. Our hotel management uniforms are purpose-built, so as never to become an obstacle that hinders the professional’s ability to perform their job.

Our designers and tailors always make it a point to work with the client’s input and incorporate their feedback to the work. It is our belief that a good designer-client interaction will help us grow following the right trajectory to reach hotel industries across GCC. From selecting fabric, colour schemes and patterns to designing the logos, hotel uniforms and tailoring all of it, we involve our clients in the whole process and include their suggestions all along. We can vouch for our tailors who are supremely talented in bringing your vision to life. Every stitch is made with careful precision, and every single piece of uniform fits the individuals wearing them, perfectly. Once you join hands with uniforms suppliers from style uniform, you can be rest assured that we will provide you with the finest quality fabric, precise tailor-made uniforms and hundred percent transparency.