Well-made housekeeping uniforms are extremely crucial in hotel housekeeping staff as well as for your house help. It helps creating a sense of community amongst the people who work hard to help you all day. At Style Uniform we believe in perfection, and therefore would take on your orders and suggestions very seriously to implement your vision. We are one of the leading housekeeping uniform suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and across UAE.

Our designers and tailors are experienced in this field having worked for companies in and around UAE over the years. When you contact Style Uniform to supply uniforms for your housekeeping staff, our designers make a rough plan to start working on your project. You need not be worried about being left out of the manufacturing process. The rough designs will be glossed over by you before locking the final housekeeping uniform designs. Client suggestions are also kept in mind when selecting the housekeeping uniform fabric. We have a stock of a variety of woven and knit fabrics of premium quality for you to make a pick. The fabrics are well-knitted, breathable and light-weight. We understand that the job of a housekeeping staff is one that keeps them on their feet all day. Uniforms must never make them uncomfortable and be an extra task to tackle throughout the day. The colour palette we offer on our fabrics are also plenty so as to not compromise on your vision.

Uniforms for housekeeping staff come in different styles for instance tops, tunics, trousers and aprons. Since the styles are so different, the fits must all be different too. Our tailors are highly professional and have mastered working with all kinds of style. All we need is the measurements of the staff and the rest will be taken care of. Our tailor-made uniforms will fit your housekeeping staff like magic. In addition to being immensely talented, our tailors are also equipped with the latest technology and substantial amount of help in terms of employees. We can work with small orders as well as bulk orders with the same amount of efficiency. If you are the owner of a hotel chain and want to curate uniforms for your housekeeping staff we offer that service too. Moreover, we have a special regimen in designing and sewing the company logo on the uniforms. For embroidering logos, we exclusively consult the client to get their desired logo design printed. We have worked with companies and families to supply housekeeping uniforms for years over UAE and even in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We will cater to all your needs and keep in mind all the details while executing your product. Our company has also started spreading its reach over the countries of GCC. Together with us make your dream turn to reality.