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Food and Beverages is an industry where professionals have to deal with customers at any given time. In industries where client interaction and services are focal points, the right kind of uniform is an imperative. Hotel chains and restaurants reach a solid clientele base not only by providing top-notch services but also if the food and beverages team has strong co-operation and a passion to serve their customers diligently. It is at this point in bringing professionals together to serve the customer collectively that uniforms contribute their power in shaping the brand as a whole.

Needless to say, that different professionals coming from any background is an equal when they wear the same uniform. Each of them represents your company on their own. It is a compulsion therefore to have carefully crafted uniforms at every level of the field- from waiters to managers and kitchen staff. All of them need to put on their best foot forward and deck up in the most spick and span clothing. Although it is necessary to have uniforms designated to the various factions of your food and beverage chain, it is equally important to have a co-ordinated colour, pattern or style that makes them stand as a team. Hence, you need to choose a colour palette for your brand, that needs to be reflected on the uniforms as well the interior décor of your brand building. This creates an aesthetically appealing and harmonious spectacle on part of the customer. After all, everything boils down to customer feedback and whether they return for their service.

Do get down meticulously with such intricate business, you will have to consult a uniform supplying company that has done stellar works in the past. A good company with experienced and skilled designers and tailors will never tamper with your vision but accentuate it with their own prowess. Remember to give this part of your business as much attention as you would give to the quality of food and beverage that you serve. Schedule meetings with the designers often so as to know that your work has been going according to the plan. Set up a separate logo designing session, wherein you can give your inputs on the size, placements and colour of the logos that need to printed and sewn on the uniforms. These nitty-gritties are as important to distinguish your brand from the other brands in the industry as anything else. From every apron, shirt, coat, chef’s hats to waistcoats, shirts and t-shirts, you have to oversee the work that happens on every piece of clothing. You also need to factor in the quality of fabric because F&B comprises long shifts and especially kitchen staff are exposed to heat. Your employee’s comfort should be a top priority. So that when all is done, you could behold the manifestation of your image of a perfect team. Ideal uniforms have substantial impact on your brand value and identity putting you head and shoulders above any competition that you might have in the field.

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