Leather Apron – What to Look For and When to Use Them

Leather aprons have been around as a piece of garment across various industries. Be it for the purpose of fashion or for utility, leather aprons have been known for their versatility. Leather aprons have emerged from workers and labourers who needed to shield themselves from heat and stains. Cobblers, woodworkers, blacksmiths, welders, and bartenders are some of the first working groups to have donned the leather apron. Since then, the leather apron has evolved and has been adopted by several designers to curate fashion wear and uniforms with it.

What is a leather Apron?

Apron usually is a piece of clothing that protects the front part of the body. An apron is usually tied at the neck and then falls along the bodice to provide a covering for the front. Chefs, painters, bakers, crafters and sculptors usually wear aprons while working. Leather apron, in simple words, is an apron made out of leather. Leather as a fabric is very tough and long-lasting, and for this reason it is used as a part of uniforms that are worn on the regular basis.

Why use leather aprons?

Leather aprons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and serve a lot of purposes depending on the kind of need. The thick and dense material that leather is made of gives great protection against stains and heat.

  • Stain- A number of jobs require working closely with items that can stain clothes. For example, chefs working in kitchen deal with food items that can leave temporary and permanent stain on clothing. A good quality leather apron acts as a barrier between the clothing and items that can leaves a stain. Leather aprons are also easy to clean, and often times the stain could be wiped with wet cloth to get rid of it.
  • Heat- Some jobs entail working in high temperatures. For example, welding, metal fabrication, and even cooking in restaurant and kitchen. These vocations often involve being in close proximity to flames and sparks. The leather apron protects the worker by blocking any heat and flame to transfer to the worker. For flames and sparks, leather aprons provide a surface from where these could bounce off. Contrary to cloth aprons which get burnt easily with even small sparks of fire.
  • Sharp tools- Woodworking, working in a kitchen, soldering and so on, require the usage of sharp tools and objects. Leather aprons, because of their thickness and density, provide protection to the worker in the event that any sharp tool might fall on them.

Who wears an apron?

Welder- Welders usually wear leather aprons that are made from cowhide leather. These pockets designed on them to carry tools. Leather aprons for welders have special fire proofing surfaces. This helps them against heat and flames.

Bartenders-Bartenders need aprons because their job demands dealing with drinks. Any spillage and staining can be easily managed and wiped off the surface of leather aprons.

Barbers- Styling and cutting hair all day ruins the clothes that a barber wears. A lightweight leather apron helps keep hair off the clothing. With special pockets built in the front, it’s also convenient to keep hairstyling tools.

Woodworkers- There’s always the risk of getting hurt by splinters, sharp tools, and blades during woodwork. Heavy duty leather aprons keep woodworkers safe from any damage to themselves and to their clothing.

Leather apron sizes and sizing

Aprons are not one-size-fits-all as they are commonly regarded. Apron sizing is a real deal. The body measurements of the person who is to wear the apron is needed to tailor-make it, just like any other piece of clothing. The yoke, the ties, the bib and the body are based on the accurate measurements of both the upper and the lower body. The bib and the yoke are based on the upper body measurements. The yoke and the rest of the body of the apron is sized on the lower body of the person. The length of the apron depends on the style of the apron and on the height of the wearer.

What to look for when buying a leather apron?

When buying a leather apron there are a few things to consider which will make sure that the apron fits your needs and comfort. For instance, thicker leather quality provides support in extreme conditions like metal fabrication and soldering. Lighter and softer leather is the perfect choice for bakers, bartenders and chefs who need more flexibility for the purpose of wearing it all day. In addition, even heavier aprons can get more flexible over time. Break-in time makes the wearer more relaxed and comfortable in any leather apron, be it soft or thick, light or heavy.

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