The Benefits of Branded Garments for Corporate Events

Corporate events for big meetings, announcements or festive celebrations call for some extra efforts on part of the company. And this includes having dedicated branded uniforms for such events. Branded uniforms that are tailored for events not only mark the special event, but they also add professionalism and leave a long-lasting impression on clients and other business partners. If you are on the edge regarding whether or not to buy custom branded garments for corporate events, let us walk you through some of the benefits of the same.

  • Branded Garments as Uniforms for Teams

You might have seen big corporate companies have a whole variety of branded apparels during an event. They oversee everything down to the slightest details for branded clothing and accessories, and there are plenty of reasons why it is so crucial. Amongst branded accessories, clothing for employees is one of the most important aspects. You would not want to organize a huge event and not factor in something extra for your employees that will make them stand out. Curating branded garments as uniforms can contribute towards enriching the whole experience of an event in the following ways.

  i. Creative expression via designing uniforms- It is ideal that you take your employees’ opinion while finalizing a design that you want to go with. Since an event is less formal than a regular working day, a lot of companies tend to choose t-shirts or polo shirts. There are a lot of creative ways in which you could design event uniforms like using different colours for different teams, printing the name of the event, personalized t-shirts with employees’ names printed on them. Get creative and get the whole team involved!

ii. Distractions are less likely to occur- Creating a buzz around creating special uniforms for events keep your employees more focused on the event. If you go the extra mile and do something for your employees, they will reciprocate and put their best foot forward. This is the best way to waiver off any distractions that are likely to occur, and thereby ensuring a successful event.

iii. Camaraderie — an added bonus- Needless to say that uniforms create a sense of camaraderie amongst your employees. Participating in a shared experience creates unity and strengthens bond. Having a dress code and specific uniforms for an event helps hold this beyond the scheduled days of work.

iv. Creates a Professional Image- Obviously it is important that your employees maintain a professional demeanor during any event. However, it helps them if they have donned fresh, new and crisp uniforms that are specially made. When your employees encounter clients, branded, event uniforms contribute towards creating a professional image. Tick off creating a great first impression on clients with branded event garments.

  • Branded garments as souvenirs for attendees

Branded garments with your brand logo, brand motto and event name printed on them can make for great souvenirs for attendees. If you are putting together a gift bag with nick knacks, putting a branded t-shirt adds a lot of pizzaz. These are easily available and cheer up anyone who is attending your event. Here’s why you should totally gift branded garments to attendees at your next event.

       i. Production can be inexpensive- Yes you read that right! When you are buying printed t-shirts in bulk, the production cost goes down. Moreover, if you pick simpler prints and go for white t-shirts rather than colours, the production costs go down significantly. Branded garment can very well become an inexpensive souvenir.

       ii. It can also be fast- The production of branded t-shirts does not take very long with fast-printing technology. These make for good last-minute gifts if you are at your wit’s end thinking about what to put inside a goodie bag. Companies can deliver you printed t-shirts within as fast as a couple of days.

       iii. Advertisement everywhere they go- Imagine not only making your attendees happy with event souvenirs, but also getting marketing done with the help of it. Every time an attendee decks up in your brand’s t-shirt, your brand name becomes more visible to the world. This is one perk that you cannot miss out on with branded garments.

       iv. Everyone knows what they are– Branded t-shirts are like your brand’s merch. Brand t-shirts are everywhere and we see every other person sporting them. This is a safe gifting option and everyone loves wearing a good, comfortable t-shirt.

We hope that you have finally decided to go for branded garments for your upcoming corporate event, both for employees as well as attendees. However, it is extremely important to partner up with a company that can provide you event uniform solutions quick and deliver quality clothing. At Style Uniform we make bespoke uniforms especially for corporate events. Whether formal or informal polos and t-shirts, we have it all. Plan your next event and let us help you make it a success!

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