The secret to finding a uniform that everyone will love!

When it comes to uniforms, there are some secrets to getting there. Figuring out what exactly you want, and what your employees want is a tough process, but not necessarily a boring one. Let us break down some of our favourite tips that will help you pick uniforms that all your employees will love.

Is it even possible to create a uniform style that will make everyone on your team happy?

It does not sound feasible to get everyone on board in a single decision. There are numerous employees in a company, and lots of job positions. Getting everyone to agree to a particular kind of uniform seems impossible. However, business owners want to invest in the satisfaction of their employees. Every good owner knows that happy employees can satisfy customers and build a company. Every employee is basically a brand ambassador of the company, and therefore, their apparel, accessories and uniforms should match the aesthetics of the company. Now, we understand that it feels daunting to figure out what everyone would like, but associating with the right brand and including dynamic suggestions from your employees could help you get some clarity.

Uniform Design- Brand Identity Mood Boards

Creating a Pinterest Board or a mood board is the first step in ideating these days. A good starting point is laying your options down and taking a good look at it. Mood boards help you gain more clarity. You can get your hands on some uniform designs, colours, and fits that are similar to your vision from the internet and create a mood board with it. Encourage your employees to give their inputs as well. Locking down on the kind of uniform you want is a continuous and dynamic process. Once you’re sure about the general colour scheme and aesthetic, narrowing down from your options become easier.


Any efficient uniform supplier in Dubai has a catalogue of uniform designs, colours, fabric and even portfolio of past work. An entry point to association with any uniform supplying company is taking a look at their past work. If you are running a corporate, make sure your uniform supplier has ample experience in tailoring smart suits, skirts, shirts and jackets. If hospitality or hotel chains is your area of ownership, then chef uniforms, aprons, and hats are some of the pieces that should be considered while judging the work of your supplier. The kind of uniforms that they usually design, their vision, their designers, tailors and equipment are some of the crucial factors in identifying whether they suit your needs or not. Moreover, take a look at the fabric, colour palettes, prints and patterns available at their catalogues. This could provide you with some insight into the kind of uniforms that you want your employees to sport. Going for breathable fabric, colour schemes that match your brand aesthetic and minimal prints are ideal for most corporates and hospitality chains.

Uniform Brands

Dubai is fraught with uniform brands that you can shop from. If you know what you want, the next step from here is to go online and browse through collections of uniform brands. Looking through their galleries and shoppable content has become a matter of a few clicks. If you want to ensure top quality look and feel, you could walk into a store and get your hands on the uniforms that you wish to purchase. It is as simple as that.

 Custom Design – Made to Order VS Made to measure

Online shopping is all fun and easy if you are going for made to order uniforms. You will need a little more focus and research when you are going for custom-made uniforms. One size-fit-all’s seem tempting because of their affordable pricing and faster delivery time. However, for the long run, uniforms that are created using the measurements of an individual, ensure more comfort and durability. Since, it is an investment which is fairly long-term, this is not the ideal place to compromise. Good quality, custom-made uniforms make your employees happy for a longer period of time. You could always opt for bulk ordering in case of events. These uniforms are not used as frequently, and t shirts and accessories manufactured in bulk serve the purpose perfectly.

It is not possible to incorporate every tiny suggestion from every employee in designing uniforms. But what you could do as an owner is to narrow down the most feasible suggestions or put forward a few ideas and have them vote for the one that they can connect with. It is possible to make the majority of the employees happy in this way. In addition, your choice of uniform supplier can change the game completely. If you and your employees have a fragmented vision, any good designer and tailor can patch it and make it exception. If you partner with Style Uniform, you will get in touch with experts who can guide you and act diligently upon your ideas to realise them. Join us, and get the best uniforms delivered to you!

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