What Makes a Good Uniform?

Corporate uniforms require precision and utmost care in designing and tailoring. Corporate employees have to be dressed in sharp Apparels and look presentable at any given time. Moreover, the work hours are long, and a uniform that does not hinder but enhance performance is an essential. There are a few things that you should consider if you wish to get your hands on supreme quality corporate uniforms.

The types of uniforms

 Stock Apparels- Every uniform designing company has their own collection of stock Apparels. These are predesigned pieces that follow the standard uniform design and, the colours are nothing too fancy. These pieces are for owners who are on a tight budget and do not have much time in their hands. If you have an event coming up and need to switch up the dressing a bit, you could go for the stock type Apparels.

Custom Apparels- Custom Apparels is made according to your directions. You could choose everything, from fabric, colours, style to the tailoring. These are the uniforms we will be largely talking about. Custom-made uniforms depend heavily on your inputs and your co-operation with the designers and tailors. These are for long-term wear and hence, the cost of curation is higher than stock uniforms.

Big factors impacting a uniform

Good design- The design and outline of the uniforms need to be professionally made. Get in touch with a designer who understands your needs, and designs them accordingly. Gone are the days when uniforms used to be lack-lusture. Uniforms these days are designed keeping in mind trends. There is also a fine line that distinguishes a trendy uniform from a piece of garment which is fashionable. Only a good designer is capable of treading lightly.

Craftsmanship- You could have a good design in theory, but the tailoring could ruin the outcome. Badly made uniforms are a nightmare to employees and they create bad first impressions on customers. This is why you should partner with companies that have experienced, professional tailors. Fine craftsmanship on tailoring makes uniforms fit perfectly and exudes sharpness and confidence.

Sustainability- Uniforms are a long-term investment. It is not everyday that you restyle and design uniforms for your corporate. If you are in it for the long run, your employees are too. They will be wearing the uniforms and perform their jobs day-in-day-out. Do not skimp on your budget and make investments in good quality uniforms that will last long.

Getting Your Uniform Right: Things to Consider

Uniform practicality: Some uniform designs look good in theory, but they might fail to serve the purpose in real life. Uniforms go through everyday wear and need to be designed in a way that ensures maximum comfort of the wearer. Factoring in fashion trends too much or picking a wrong fabric is detrimental to uniform practicality.

Product quantities/sizes: Ordering uniforms according to the number of employees and according to their correct physical measurements is an important step. Organize sessions where you can get your employees’ measurements professionally.

Uniform style/colours: Uniform style, colours, logos, patterns should resemble your brands aesthetic. Using the official colour combinations of your brand on the uniforms is one way of respecting the brand. Others include logo stitching and minimal texts printed or stitched on uniforms.

Fabric: One factor that can make or break a good uniform is the fabric. It is the most important step in uniform designing and tailoring. As an owner you should be careful about the kind of fabric your employees will be wearing. Remember the above factors like durability and comfort when selecting the fabric. Lightweight, breathable and fine quality of fabric is ideal for making uniforms.

Budget: Have a budget allocated especially for uniform designing. The amount should not make a massive dent on finances if you are working with the right organization. However, you do need to invest in good raw materials and pay for professionalism. This is an investment that shows your employees how deeply you care about them.

Finding a uniform supplier

Getting in touch with a uniform supplier who understands all your needs down to the slightest details is crucial if you are a perfectionist. A good uniform supplier will tailor their expertise around your needs and only enhance your vision. At Style Uniform we maintain complete transparency with our clients and take their valuable feedback very seriously. Our designers and tailors work with the best quality technology to deliver you the finest uniforms. For corporate uniform solutions, partner with the best, choose Style Uniform!

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