What's Trending in The World of Hospitality Uniforms?

As another decade rolls, new trends are springing up in workplace fashion and style statements as well. The hospitality industry depends a lot on presentation and appearances so it is crucial to hop on board with changing trends. Besides, taking care of customer needs, providing top tier services and being courteous and polite, every hospitality staff must deck up in fresh and new styles. First impressions are one of the most crucial parts of working at a restaurant, hotel or spa, hence, uniforms must be designed in a way that reflects the brand as well as gets on with the trends of the time.

Hospitality industry owners are relaxing their dress codes and including more prints, colours and styles. Gone are the days of stifling suits and skirts, now it’s time to mix up these timeless styles. For a breezier and semi-formal look for your staff, you could choose ties that are textured and feature unique prints. Women staff could accessorise with paisley, printed, striped or polka dot scarves to accentuate their outfits. Having fun with uniform design does not mean that you have to do away with representing your brand through your staff’s clothing. It is actually quite the opposite, switching up styles and yet going with staple colours of the brand goes to show that your company is adaptable to changes. The first step of getting on with any trend is to consult with a professional hotel or restaurant uniform designer who will tailor their expertise according to your needs. To keep it traditional you could pick fabric colours that feature in your brand logo. As long as you have the colour palette sorted out, you could experiment with a bunch of textures and even minimal prints for skirts, trousers and vests. However, in order to give importance to the style, do not forget the utilitarian value of the clothing, At the end of the day, your employees need to sport these garments and put their best foot forward for your customers. You would not want to pick a fabric that is uncomfortable and hinders them from offering their best. Trends must always adhere to comfort and convenience.

The other crucial element to having a spick and span standing army is the fitting of their uniforms. Boxy, breezy, oversized clothing might be a huge part of 2021 fashion trends, it does not however apply to hospitality uniforms. After all, this is a highly professional space, and having uniforms that are tailored according to the sizes of each employee is imperative. Your take away from what’s trending in the world of fashion are textures, prints and patterns. Aprons, hats, scarves, ties, trousers, pocket squares, are some of the items of an assemblage that could be experimented with and get good results. If you are a hospitality chain owner then your first task would be to connect with a uniform supplier that has designers who can help you bring together elements of fashion, comfort and professionalism. Style Uniform is one such brand that not only delivers supreme quality uniforms but also provides you with invaluable advice that help you build your brand via uniforms. Stay in touch with us, stay classy and trendy!

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