Which Do You Prefer? Pre-stitched or Custom Designed Uniforms

As a business owner, factoring in the uniforms needs of your company and employees is crucial if you are targeting exponential growth. While relying on pre-stitched, ready-to-wear uniforms are a good idea if you are short on time and budget, they might not be feasible in the long run. The only true advantages of pre-stitched uniforms is that you can lay your hands on them within a shorter time frame than you could get custom designed uniforms. Another pro that you can count in for pre-stitched uniforms is the its cost-effectiveness. Since these pieces of clothing are curated in bulk, and with lesser attention to details, the cost of production is very rarely hefty. However, in opting for bulk pre-stitched uniforms, you compromise on quality and fit of the uniforms. 

If you are willing to invest seriously in your business with the goal of expanding it in the near future, it is our advice that you spend both your energy and capital in a good uniform supplier to get your hands on the finest quality of custom-designed uniforms. With custom-designed uniforms, you get to be actively involved in the process of uniform making. You can schedule appointments with the designers and tailors to provide your valuable insights to those who will be implementing your dream into reality. You can handpick fabrics according to what serves your employees working in different job positions the best. The major drawback for pre-stitched uniforms is that the fabric quality is the same for all the uniforms in the order. Different job profiles entail different physical and intellectual activity- an employee whose performance is mainly based on physical activity is hindered to give their best efforts if the material of the fabric is coarse and heavy. Similarly, style and designs are also distinct for employees working at different levels in the company. In the case of custom-designed uniform, you get a lot of freedom and opportunity in the whole process of uniform making. This  tremendously impacts the creation of brand value and is a reflection of brand principles on your uniforms. Moreover, your dedication into these little details inspire your team as well to put their best foot forward in their respective fields helping the collective advancement of the company. That being said, pre-stitched uniforms can serve well when your company organises events. Polo T-shirts with company logo or mottos are a viable option for these events. They are fun, casual and at the same time work well in imparting a sense of involvement in the event and the company.

In either case, you need to contact a uniform supplier who understand what type of uniforms you need, depending on the occasion and the long-term benefits of the same. Style Uniform has catered to the needs of corporate chains, hotels and hospitality industry, and institutions with the help of our professional designers and tailors. Custom designed or pre-stitched, Style Uniform can deliver you the uniforms of your dreams.

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