Why Restaurant Uniforms Need a Rethink

Uniforms are crucial for any business because they reflect brand identity, ethics and principles. Like every other sector, the Food and Beverages Industry also thrives on good uniform practices. Think about it like this, your employees are your first line in terms of marketing. Every employee sporting the uniform for your restaurant with the designated colours and logos, become a representative that promotes your products and services. This includes employees from the front desk, employees in management positions, servers and waiters. Do not rely on bulk or stock uniforms if you really want to make an impression on your customers. So, if you have not already invested time, energy and resources on designing a signature uniform for your restaurant staff, it is high time that you do! Here are a few reasons why you should totally rethink your restaurant uniforms.

It is all about image

Creating a brand image is a dynamic and continuous process. You cannot have a similar kind of uniform like the rest of the restaurants in the street and expect to stand out. In addition, having the same design for uniforms as you had years ago will only make things stagnant. A total revamp in style and design will not only fill your employees with enthusiasm and new energy, but also will attract the attention of the customer. In the Food and Beverages industry, especially in restaurants, your employees come in direct interaction with the customers. The first level of interaction that happens in this scenario is either with waiters or servers, which is why it extremely important that you stress on the kind of impression they make. In addition to learning courteous and polite behaviour they must look the part when entertaining customers. This is your first and strongest base in creating a brand image.

Brand at every level

Uniforms should speak volumes about your brand. If you are a owner, you must make it a point to book an appointment with your designers and tailors. This is needed to chalk out how to incorporate your brand in every possible way with colours and designs. For instance, selecting the right fabric is of top most importance. The colour palette, the combination of colours that you choose for the uniform fabric should resemble the colours of the brand logo. When you see a red and black t-shirt on an employee, you instantly think about Pizza Hut. That is the power of brand building using uniforms. However, you could add more sophistication to your uniforms with layers coats and jackets and create a line that represents your brand the best. Extra attention to logo designing also goes a long way.

No company is too big or too small 

Yes, that’s right, no company is too big or too small to promote brand identity using uniforms. You do not have to possess a chain of hotels or restaurants to have your own customized uniforms. Even if you have a dainty café or a small takeaway joint with a few employees, having a team of well-dressed members always has a good impression on customers. If the budget does not permit, you do not have to opt for elaborate uniforms. Crisp shirts, skirts and trousers bring out the beauty in simplicity. You could also go for personalized t-shirts are a great way to get into the uniform game. Just remember to have fun with it!

What’s your look?

How do you want your customers to perceive you? Whether you have a brand legacy to carry or you have started a new brand with a fresh and young energy, determines the kind of uniform that your employees will sport. For a classic legacy-bearing brand, formals with ties and suits might be a good idea. For younger brands that are aiming at quirk and fun, semi-casual with a pop of colour is a good point to start at. Try to understand your customers and what they like, and align it with the look that you are aiming at. Pick your aesthetic and move forward with it.

Create a look your staff wants to wear

Lastly, never forget to check with your staff what they wish to wear. From fabrication to styling, you should get everything approved by them. Chef’s coats, hats, aprons for servers, suits for management- every style of clothing should be comfortable for those working at these ranks. Only then will they be able to put their best foot forward. Getting hold of good quality fabrics, stay up-to-date with the fashion trends will make your employees happy. Building a brand is all about happy employees and customers.

These are our top reasons to shake you up to the importance of rethinking your restaurant uniforms. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, stay ahead in style. Connecting with a uniform company that understands your redesigning needs is the first step to getting your dream uniforms. Style Uniform has a team of experienced and efficient designers and tailors who will take your ideas and create something fresh and new! Join hands with us and unleash a new line of trendy restaurant uniforms.

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